What type of individual is the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service looking for?

FELPS is looking for young professionals who have the following characteristics:
- Commitment to public service. The ideal candidate will possess a varied work record, including summer, campus, and/or volunteer experience in public service. In addition to his/her prior public service work, the ideal candidate will be able to convey a clear vision for a long-term engagement with public service.
- Capacity for leadership. The ideal candidate will have exercised leadership on some public service activity on campus and/or in his/her community and be recognized by their employer as having the potential for continued leadership.
- Position in public service. Participants should have a public service position in the New York metropolitan area that allows them to appreciate the breadth of opportunities within public service.
In assembling the group of participants, we are looking to construct a cohort that: (1) demonstrates diversity; (2) is drawn from undergraduate institutions from across the nation; and (3) reflects the broad range of public service positions.

For more information on the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service, visit:https://wagner.nyu.edu/leadership/development/projects/felps/program