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Greetings from the 2003-2004 Urban Planning Student Association (UPSA) board!

We would like to welcome the incoming students and welcome back the returning ones. This year, we have many social, academic and professional events slated for you in order to enhance your Wagner/Urban Planning experience.

Please feel free to talk to any of us with any questions, comments, worries, gripes, good news, bad news and anything else you'd like. We're more than happy to help out where we can. We are:

Social/Outreach | Perry Chen from Fort Lauderdale, FL. He received his undergraduate degree in Information Systems from the University of Florida. Planning interests are in redevelopment and housing issues. E-mail:

Academic | Joel Dabu is from Virginia Beach, VA. He graduated from George Washington University with a degree in American Studies. He is interested in urban design and place-making. Email:

Communications | Jennifer Jensen from Indianapolis, IN. She studied sociology and English at Middlebury College in Vermont. She is interested in economic development, among various other things. Email:

Fundraising/Treasurers | Becky Koepnick is from Dayton, OH. She went to Smith College in Massachusetts for her B.A. in government. She is most interested in affordable housing and economic development. E-mail:

Fundraising/Treasurers | Meredith Louise Phillips from New Bedford, MA. She attended UC Berkeley. She is following the international development track at Wagner, and is active in many of Wagner's student organizations (ALAS, SADA, IPSA, and of course, UPSA). Email:

Professional | Daniel Turley is from Phoenix, AZ. He received his bachelor's from Arizona State University with a concentration in Urban Studies. He is concentrating in economic development and physical re-development. Email:

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