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    Sohana Islam, MPA student, held a summer internship with charity: water.

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We Can’t Stop Neighborhoods from Changing

Professor Ingrid Gould Ellen's latest study shows that falling violent crime in a city is a strong predictor of gentrification in that city’s central neighborhoods.

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NYU Wagner Alumnus Gives Black Boys, and Barbershops, Access to Fun-to-Read Books

Seeing that many African American boys lack relevant male reading role models as well as access to fun books, NYU Wagner alumnus Alvin Irby created an innovative way to promote early literacy in a place many boys frequent—the barbershop.

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Carrot or Stick? Reducing the use of plastic bags

In a recent study, NYU Wagner Professor Tatiana Homonoff uses insights from behavioral economics to analyze the relative effectiveness of two policies attempting to cut down on plastic bag use. 

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The Wagner Experience: Shivani Parikh (MPA) 

Shivani Parikh knew she wanted to get her Master of Public Administration in Health Policy and Management to move her career forward after working in DC and on the Hill.

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Alumni in Action: Decreasing Tobacco Use Around the World

If left unchecked, the global tobacco epidemic could claim one billion lives this century. At Bloomberg Philanthropies, alumna Betsy Fuller (MPA-HPAM) is working to change that.

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Jacob Faber: Residential Segregation by Race—and Widening Inequality

Professor Faber hopes his research on racial inequality will change the public conversation about race and public policy.

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WAGTalk: Katherine O'Regan, "The Geography of Opportunity in America"

Drawing on her experience from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Professor Katherine O'Regan shares her research on what she calls one of the defining issues of our time: how location plays a role in upward mobility.

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Dejian (Ken) Zeng Worked in an iPhone Factory in China to See How Workers Were Treated

NYU Wagner student Dejian (Ken) Zeng (MPA 2017) spent his summer working undercover at an iPhone factory. Now he vows to hold violators of human rights accountable and advocate for workers.

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WAGTalk: Sonia Ospina, "Leading Collectively: Insights From Social Change Organizations"

Professor Sonia Ospina discusses an important shift in society's understanding of leadership from a leader-centered approach to a connectivity-focused model.

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Creating New Beginnings for Malawians, Alumna Melissa Kushner’s Nonprofit Aims to Empower

Melissa Kushner (MPA-PNP 2006) works to empower local Malawians to break the cycle of poverty through her nonprofit organization, Yamba Malawi.

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Social Enterprise Created at NYU Wagner is Improving Student Attendance

While students at NYU Wagner, Miriam Altman and Alexandra Meis created the Kinvo app, which is now used at 100 high-needs schools and education nonprofits in New York and other cities—giving teachers the ability to notify parents and other guardians instantaneously when their child is absent from class or late. 

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NYU Rudin Looks at NYC Subway Ridership from 1975-2015

Ridership on the New York City Subway has grown drastically in the last four decades, from 966 million in 1975 to 1.7 billion in 2015; at the Times Square subway station alone, rides increased by 29 million.

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