A Compassionate Civilization: The Urgency of Sustainable Development and Mindful Activism - Reflections and Recommendations

Robertson Work

A Compassionate Civilization

We are at a turning point in the history of civilization. Anyone watching the news can understand why. Our generation faces the challenges of global warming, misogyny, racism, systemic poverty, oligarchy, and more. Some believe that this will lead to a kind of fascist, environmentally ruined dystopia. Robertson Work, who has spent decades working in poverty-stricken villages and developing countries, does not believe all hope is lost.

In this revolutionary guide, Work uses his experiences with the United Nations and organizations and communities across the globe to outline the fundamentals of a compassionate civilization. He argues that it is urgent to change the way we think about society and proposes six areas of transformation to focus on:

  • environmental sustainability

  • gender equality

  • socioeconomic justice

  • cultural tolerance

  • participatory governance

  • nonviolence

Each of these six foundations is necessary to form the compassionate civilization Work envisions. In addition to the theoretical themes of such a society, Work shares effective leadership methods to help make this dream a reality as a movement of movements and as global-local citizens. He encourages you to become more aware of problems and possibilities around you and practice empathetic, effective social activism and care for self and others.

Anyone can make a difference. Work shows you exactly where to begin.


A Compassionate Civilization
A Compassionate Civilization