Directory of New York City Affordable Housing Programs

Sarah Gerecke and Matthew Murphy

New York City has a long history of government intervention in residential housing markets, resulting in more than 175 affordable housing programs reflecting a wide range of goals and strategies. The Directory of New York City Affordable Housing Programs (Beta) catalogues this remarkable variety for those who develop, work with, study or live in the housing affected by these programs.

The Directory has several sections.  “Understanding Housing Programs” provides a general overview of the goals, fiscal and legal authority, and historical context of affordable housing programs in New York City.  The section also includes some preliminary observations by the authors and acknowledgements to those who contributed so generously to this Directory.  “How to Use This Directory” explains the different program attributes that we use to describe each of the programs listed here. “Acronyms and Definitions” is a starting point for anyone bewildered by the insiders’ language of affordable housing.

Wagner Faculty