Revising the Senior Walking Environmental Assessment Tool

Michael, Y., McGregor, E., Chaudhury, H., Day, K., Mahmood, A. & A.F. Sarte.
Preventive Medicine, 48(3):247-249

BACKGROUND: The Senior Walking Environmental Assessment Tool (SWEAT), an instrument for measuring built environmental features associated with physical activity of older adults, was revised to create an easier-to-use tool for use by practitioners and community members. METHODS: Inter-rater and intra-rater reliability of the modified instrument (SWEAT-R) was assessed in Portland, Oregon in 2007. Five trained observers audited street segments in 12 neighborhoods, resulting in 361 pairs of audits, including 63 repeated audits. RESULTS: Overall, 88% and 75% of items assessed had good or excellent inter-rater and intra-rater reliability, respectively. The revised instrument required less time to complete than the original instrument, while obtaining more information. CONCLUSION: SWEAT-R provides easy to gather, reliable data for use in community-based audits of built environment in relation to walking among older adults.

Wagner Faculty