Strengthening Interjurisdictional Coordination on Transportation and Related Land Use ”“ A Guidebook for Practitioners

de Cerreño, A.L.C.

The publication "Strengthening Interjurisdictional Coordination on Transportation and Related LandUse - A Guidebook for Practitioners" is intended to facilitate better integration of land use andtransportation planning. The guidebook is drawn from research on the jurisdictional barriers thathave had an impact on greater integration of land use and transportation planning in a variety ofrecent planning studies. It provides training matrices, including on key success factors forinterjurisdictional coordination. The guidebook builds on lessons learned from a representativesample of case studies, including the Air Train JFK project; the Route 202/35/6/Bear Mt. PkwySustainable Development Study, Westchester County; Route 303 Sustainable Development Study,Rockland County; the Staten Island Transportation Task Force; and, the Sustainable East EndStrategies (SEEDS).