Criminal Justice

Health Care Needs and Utilization Among New Yorkers with Criminal Justice System Involvement

Scarlet Wang, et al. Read more

Policing chronic and temporary hot spots of violent crime: a controlled field experiment.

D. J. Fitzpatrick, W. Gorr, and D. B. Neill Read more

Influential Users in the Common Core and Black Lives Matter Social Media Conversation

Zhanna Terechshenko, Sean Kates, Fridolin Linder, Joshua A. Tucker, Richard Bonneau, Mona Vakilifathi, Jonathan Nagler Read more

Online Issue Politicization: How the Common Core and Black Lives Matter Discussions Evolved on Social Media

Sean Kates, Zhanna Terechshenko, Fridolin Linder, Jonathan Nagler, Richard Bonneau, Mona Vakilifathi, Joshua A. Tucker Read more

Has falling crime invited gentrification?

Ingrid Ellen, Keren M. Horn, and Davin Reed Read more

On Detention and Skill: Reflections on Immigrant Incarceration, Bodying Practices, and the Definition of Skill

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School Climate and the Impact of Neighborhood Crime on Test Scores

Ingrid Ellen, Agustina Laurito, Johanna Lacoe, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Patrick Sharkey Read more

Beyond Bureaucracy: How prosecutors and public defenders enforce urban planning laws in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Coslovsky, Salo Read more

Mortgage Foreclosures and the Changing Mix of Crime in Micro-neighborhoods

Johanna Lacoe and Ingrid Gould Ellen Read more

What Happens to Potential Discouraged? Masculinity Norms and the Contrasting Institutional and Labor Market Experiences of Less affluent Black and White Men

Royster, D. Read more

Partisan Priorities: How Issue Ownership Drives and Distorts American Politics

Egan, Patrick J. Read more

High Stakes in the Classroom, High Stakes on the Street: The Effects of Community Violence on Students’ Standardized Test Performance

Ingrid Gould Ellen, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Patrick Sharkey, and Johanna Lacoe Read more