Health Management

Studies of Physician-Patient Communication with Older Patients: How Often is Hearing Loss Considered? A Systematic Literature Review

J.M. Cohen, J. Blustein, B.E. Weinstein, H. Dischinger, S. Sherman, C. Grudzen, J. Chodosh Read more

Health Policy and Management: Mind the Theory, Policy, Practice Gap

VG. Rodwin and D. Chinitz Read more

A comparative analysis of hospital readmissions in France and the US

MK. Gusmano, VG. Rodwin, D. Weisz, J. Cottenet, and C. Quantin Read more

Systèmes de Santé, Pouvoirs Publics et Financeurs: Qui Contrôle Quoi?

VG. Rodwin Read more

The End of an Illusion: The Future of Health Policy in Western Industrialized Nations

VG. Rodwin Read more

The Health Planning Predicament

VG. Rodwin Read more

Delhi's health system exceptionalism: inadequate progress for a global capital city

MK. Gusmano, VG. Rodwin, and D. Weisz Read more

New York University's Advanced Management Program for Physicians

AR. Kovner and VG. Rodwin Read more

101 Careers in health Care Management

A.R. Kovner Read more

Health Services Management: Cases, Readings and Commentary

A.R. Kovner Read more

Local adaptations to a global health initiative: penalties for home births in Zambia

Dana Greeson, Emma Sacks, Tsitsi B Masvawure, Katherine Austin-Evelyn, Margaret E Kruk, Mubiana Macwan’gi, and Karen A Grépin Read more

Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare

A.R. Kovner & T. D'Aunno Read more