Health Management

Preliminary Efficacy of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention for Procedural Stress in Medical Intern Simulated Performance: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial

Elaine O. Cheung, Jeffrey H. Barsuk, Debi Mitra, Richard J. Gannotta, Bruriah Horowitz, Aashish K. Didwania, and David Victorson Read more

Creating and Implementing a Nurse Mentoring Program

Cortney Miller, Charlotte Wagenberg, Erica Loney, MaryPat Porinchak, and Natasha Ramrup Read more

Getting The Price Right: How Some Countries Control Spending In A Fee-For-Service System

MK Gusmano, M Laugesen, VG Rodwin, and LD Brown Read more

The relationship of Medicaid expansion to psychiatric comorbidity care within substance use disorder treatment programs

Chelsea L Shover, Amanda J. Abraham, Thomas D'Aunno, Peter D. Friedmann, and Keith Humphreys Read more

Critical issues in alliances between management partners and accountable care organizations

Genevra F. Murray, Thomas D'Aunno, and Valerie A. Lewis Read more

Linkages between patient-centered medical homes and addiction treatment organizations

Thomas D'Aunno, Harold Pollack, Qixuan Chen, and Peter D. Friedman Read more

Trust, Money, and Power: Lifecycle Dynamics in Alliances between Management Partners and Accountable Care Organizations

Genevra F. Murray, Thomas D'Aunno, Valerie A. Lewis Read more

Hospital readmission risk for patients with self-reported hearing loss and communication trouble

JE Chang Ji, BE Weinstein, J Chodosh, J Blustein Read more

The Hidden Roles That Management Partners Play in Accountable Care Organizations

Valerie A. Lewis, Thomas D'Aunno, Genevra F. Murray, Stephen M. Shortell, Carrie H. Colla Read more

Accounting Fundamentals for Health Care Management

Steven Finkler, Thad Calabrese, and David M. Ward Read more

Universal Health Insurance in France: How Sustainable? Essays on the French Health Care System

Rodwin, V.G. and colleagues Read more

Hearing loss: Why does it matter for nursing homes

EM McCreedy, BE Weinstein, J Chodosh, J Blustein Read more