Climate Change: U.S. Public Opinion

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Is there an Intrinsic Duty to Vote? Comparative Evidence from East and West Germans

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Back to the Future on Presidential Appointments

Paul Light Read more

Nonprofits as “Schools of Democracy”: A Comparative Case Study of Two Environmental Organizations

Dodge, J. and S. M. Ospina Read more

Civic Duty and Turnout in Japan and South Korea

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Coding Voter Turnout Responses in the Current Population Survey

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Where have all the reinventors gone? How government reform will shape the 2016 election

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Government By the People, 2014 Elections and Updates Edition (25th Edition)

Magleby, David B., Paul C. Light, and Christine L. Nemacheck Read more

Decentralization in Uganda: Reforms, Reversals, and an Uncertain Future

Smoke, P., W. Muhumuza and E. Ssewankambo Read more

Winning from the Center: Frank Bigelow and California's Nonpartisan Primary

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Reconsidering the Politics of Public Health

Chokshi, D., and N.W. Stine Read more

Opportunity in Austerity — A Common Agenda for Medicine and Public Health

Stine, N.W., and Chokshi, D. Read more
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