From Power to Action

Galinsky, A.D., Gruenfeld, D.H. & Magee, J.C. Read more

Bringing Information Technology to Infrastructure

Zimmerman, R, Gilbertson, N. & Restrepo, C.. Read more

Themes and New Directions

Horan, T.A. & Zimmerman, R. Read more

Telecommunications: Catastrophe and Recovery in the Information City

Moss, M. & Townsend, A. Read more

Setting an Agenda for Local Action: The Limits of Expert Opinion and Community Voice

Silver, D., Weitzman, B.C. & Brecher, C. Read more

'Managing' Diversity: Power and Identity in Organizations

Foldy, E.G. Read more

Does Government Funding Alter Nonprofit Governance? Evidence from New York City Contractors

O'Regan, K. & Oster, S.M. Read more

The Four Pillars of High Performance: How Robust Organizations Achieve Extraordinary Results

Light, P.C. Read more

Erosion and Reform from the Center in Kenya

Smoke, P. Read more

Restructuring Local Government Finance in Developing Countries: Lessons from South Africa

Smoke, P. Read more

Does the Structure and Composition of the Board Matter? The Case of Nonprofit Organizations

O'Regan, K. Read more
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