The blind leading: Power reduces awareness of constraints

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The social distance theory of power.

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A world without prisons: Improving prisoners' lives and transforming the justice system

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On the folly of principals' power: Managerial psychology as a cause of bad incentives

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Financial development and pathways of growth: State branching and deposit insurance laws in the United States from 1900 to 1940

Rajeev Dehejia and Adriana Lleras-Muney Read more

Current Risk Management Issues for Hazardous Liquids and Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure

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Developing coastal adaptation to climate change in the New York City infrastructure-shed: process, approach, tools, and strategies

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A la santé de l'oncle Sam: regards croisés sur les systémes de santé; américain et français (To Uncle Sam's Health: Cross perspectives on the American and French Health Systems)

D. Tabuteau, VG. Rodwin Read more

Professed impressions: What people say about others affects onlookers' perceptions of speakers' power and warmth

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A critical Review of Race and Ethnicity in the Leadership Literature: Surfacing Context, Power and the Collective Dimensions of Leadership.

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The Limits of Friendship

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Public Opinion and Constitutional Controversy

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