Urban Planning

Transportation Recovery in an Age of Disasters

Zimmerman, R. Read more

Infrastructure Impacts and Adaptation Challenges

Zimmerman, R. & Faris, C. Read more

Risk Communication for Catastrophic Events: Results from Focus Groups

Zimmerman, R., Restrepo, C.E., Culpen, A., Remington, W.E., Kling, A., Portelli, I. & Foltin, G. Read more

Age of Entry and the High School Performance of Immigrant Youth

Stiefel, Leanna, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Dylan Conger Read more

Urban Aging, Social Isolation, and Emergency Preparedness

MK. Gusmano & VG. Rodwin Read more

"Shaping Tomorrow Today: Evaluating and Implementing Long-Term Decisions"

Robert Lempert, Paul C. Light Read more

"Legislating for The Future"

Paul C. Light Read more

Consumer Estimation of Recommended and Actual Calories at Fast Food Restaurants

Elbel, B. Read more

Diaspora Networks for National Infrastructure: Rural Morocco, 1985-2005

Iskander, N. Read more

Portraying the City in Early Modern Europe: Measurement, Representation and Planning

Ballon, H. & Friedman, D. Read more

Urban Design in Action

Ballon, H. Read more

New York's Pennsylvania Stations

Ballon, H. Read more
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