Urban Policy

Harnessing Behavioral Science to Design Disposable Bag Regulations

Tatiana Homonoff, Rebecca Taylor, Lee-Sien Kao, and Doug Palmer Read more

Skipping the Bag: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Disposable Bag Regulation

Tatiana Homonoff, Lee-Sien Kao, Javiera Selman, and Christina Seybolt Read more
Coronavirus and transportation

Transportation During Coronavirus in NYC

Sarah M. Kaufman, Mitchell L. Moss, Kelsey B. McGuinness, Nicholas R. Cowan, Charles E. Rudner, Olivia Limone, Jenee Malloy, Josh Koh, Katherine Rivard, and Rachel Wise Read more

Do Vouchers Protect Low-Income Households from Rising Rents?

Ingrid Ellen and Gerard Torrats-Espinosa Read more

The Impact of Renovations of Subsidized Housing on Health

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Highly decentralized solar geoengineering

Jesse L. Reynolds and Gernot Wagner Read more

Ramsey discounting calls for subtracting climate damages from economic growth rates

J. Paul Kelleher and Gernot Wagner Read more

The Fair Housing Act Today: Current Context and Challenges at 50

Katherine O'Regan Read more

The Effects of Small Area Fair Market Rents on the Housing Location Choices of Voucher Holders with Children

Ingrid Ellen, Samuel Dastrup, and Meryl Finkel Read more

Gentrification and the Health of Low-Income Children in New York City

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Do Housing Vouchers Improve Academic Performance?: Evidence from New York City

Amy Ellen Schwartz, Ingrid Ellen, Sarah A. Cordes, Keren M. Horn Read more

Has falling crime invited gentrification?

Ingrid Ellen, Keren M. Horn, and Davin Reed Read more