Vulnerable Populations

Hospital readmission risk for patients with self-reported hearing loss and communication trouble

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The Credit Card Experience of Distressed Homeowners

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Issuance and Incidence: SNAP Benefit Cycles and Grocery Prices

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Hearing loss: Why does it matter for nursing homes

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Perfluorooctanoic acid and low birth weight: Estimates of US attributable burden and economic costs from 2003 through 2014

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Crime and Community Development

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Microfinance and Economic Development

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Cities, Air Quality, and Sustainable Development Goal 11

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Fiscal Federalism and Middle-Income Housing Subsidies

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Poverty Concentration and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program: Effects of Siting and Tenant Composition

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State targeted funding and technical assistance to increase access to medication treatment for opioid use disorders

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In and Out of Poverty: Poverty Spells and Income Volatility in the US Financial Diaries

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