Global Perspective

Accra, Ghana: Leanne Webster meets with children while visiting a microfinance farming community as
Larabanga, Ghana: Wagner students staying at the Savannah Lodge in Larabanga during the Ghana course
Accra, Ghana: Priyanka Gupta working with Comfort from Y-SEF, a microfinance organization based in A
India: Aparna Dalal observing weekly meeting of borrowers for a microfinance institution in South In
Nairobi, Kenya: Orphans of HIV/AIDS photographed by Marguerite Hanley during her internship in Kenya
Kabul, Afghanistan: School visit by Gwen Neely during her work with UMCOR. Photo credit: Gwen Neely
The U.S. Financial Diaries Project will track families in four geographic regions in the U.S. over 1
Wagner’s International Health Policy class visits the WHO Photo by Vivian Yela
Visiting an Urban Farm outside of Accra. Photo by Sandra Vu
Course:  	Urbanization and Sustainable Development in a Transitional Economy: Experiencing China (Sh
In the Field