NYU Wagner Announces New Faculty Members

NYU Wagner is delighted to announce that our outstanding faculty will be enriched by the addition of a number of distinguished scholars with deep expertise and broad experience in critical policy areas.

The new arrivals include eleven noted researchers, practitioners, and lecturers:

Mark A.R. Kleiman, a nationally recognized expert on criminal justice and the head of the NYU Marron Institute's Crime Reduction and Justice Project, will join Wagner as Visiting Professor of Public Service.

Julia Lane, an economist who has conducted path-breaking work in collecting big data, has been named Professor of Public Service. She is NYU Provostial Fellow for Innovation Analytics, and Professor of Practice at the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP).

Jacob W. Faber, an influential researcher on inequality and segregation, including the issues of race and access to credit, has been named Assistant Professor of Public Service.

Timothy Naftali, the former Director of the Nixon Library, who has written on the Cold War and US counter-terrorism, has been named Clinical Associate Professor of Public Service.  A noted presidential historian as well, he is currently the Head of the NYU Tamiment Library and the Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives.

The list of new scholars at Wagner also includes Scott B. Taitel, former Chief Operation Officer of the Clinton Foundation's Enterprise Partnership; he has been appointed Clinical Associate Professor of Public Service.

Thomas J. Sugrue will be Affiliated Professor. He is a scholar of urban policy and civil rights, and is writing a history of the American real estate industry, with support from the Carnegie Corporation.

Adam Millard-Ball will be a Visiting Scholar at Wagner. He is an urban planner and economist from the University of California, Santa Cruz, serving as assistant professor of environmental studies.

Abu S. Shonchoy, an economist with interest in impact evaluation, and who runs an experimental laboratory in Northern Bangladesh, will be a Wagner Visiting Scholar, as well.

In addition, Bhaven N. Sampat, an economist, joins as Visiting Professor. Sampat studies the effects of pharmaceutical patent laws in developing countries, the impact of patents on follow-on innovation, and the returns to publicly funded medical research.

Aram Hur, who researches issues of national identities and civic participation, and Jesse Margolis, who studies education policy, will be teaching and researching as post-doctoral fellows at Wagner.

We bid them all welcome, and proudly so!