NYU Wagner Celebrates 75 Years of Public Service Education

NYU Wagner proudly celebrated 75 years of public service education on June 12, welcoming more than 200 alumni, students, faculty, staff, donors, and friends for an enjoyable evening of faculty talks, live jazz music, and cocktails.

All of the guests were treated to a warm welcome by Dean Sherry Glied as well as four rapid-fire research presentations by Professors Jonathan Morduch, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Daniel L. Smith, and John Billings, who, respectively, discussed: housing costs in and adjacent to landmarked New York neighborhoods; income unreliability and poverty in America; why some cities have been forced to file for bankruptcy protection in recent years; and preventable hospitalizations and health care costs.  

As the evening’s talks and festivities showed, the NYU Wagner community is a strong, vibrant and proud one, and each year becomes even more so. So many friends joined in supporting our mission of educating and preparing the world's public service leaders. Because of that, and for so many other reasons, too, we thank you!