Doctoral Program Grad Receives AJPH "Paper of the Year" Award

Frederico C. Guanais, who earned his Ph.D. at NYU Wagner, is a recipient of the 2013 "Paper of the Year" award from the American Journal of Public Health. Guanais was recognized for his article entitled “The Combined Effects of the Expansion of Primary Health Care and Conditional Cash Transfers on Infant Mortality in Brazil, 1998-2010.”

AJPH’s editors termed Guanais’ article “an innovative paper looking at the synergic effects of two government programs, from two different areas, on infant mortality. Using a relatively innovative approach, the paper exemplifies something that the public health community has been emphasizing for ages: the importance of intersectoral approaches.”

Guanais received his Ph.D. in 2006. He wrote his dissertation on primary care in Brazil.