Linking Incarcerated Individuals to Health Services is Focus of NYC Data Report by NYU Wagner Researchers and City Officials

Three NYU Wagner researchers – Scarlett Wang, Kacie Dragan, and John Billings – have produced with New York City officials a data report on the pressing healthcare needs of persons who have been incarcerated.

As the Health Care Utilization data report notes, people with a history of contact with the justice system have high rates of physical and behavioral health conditions as well as increased hospitalizations and emergency department visits. As a result, the NYC government is committed to connecting people to comprehensive, integrated, and trauma-informed community-based health and social services to improve health, well-being, and criminal justice outcomes.

The new report is titled "Health Care Needs and Utilization Among New Yorkers With Criminal Justice System Involvement."

Scarlett Wang is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service at NYU Wagner; Kacie Dragan serves as the analyst and project manager for NYU Wagner's Policies for Action (P4A) hub, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded research group. John Billings is a Professor of Health Policy and Public Service at NYU Wagner.

Scarlett Wang, Kacie Dragan, and John Billings
Scarlett Wang, Kacie Dragan, and John Billings