New Report - 'Hidden in Plain Sight' - Examines California's Most Economically Challenged Cities

Hidden in Plain Sight

Almost 12 million Californians live in an economically challenged city, and a quarter of all challenged cities in the country are in California. A new report written by NYU Wagner’s Neil Kleiman highlights the critical role these cities play in the state’s economy and describes their potential to become significant catalysts for further economic growth if challenges are overcome.

“Hidden in Plain Sight: Why California’s Economically Challenged Cities Matter” – published November 18 – illustrates why it is important for elected officials and policymakers to work with the leadership in these cities to make the most of resources that can improve their economies and their residents’ quality of life. Understanding, identifying and then overcoming the economic barriers in California’s cities is vital to our nation and, most of all, to the people who live there.

Kleiman is director of NYU Wagner Innovation Labs, and wrote this report  for the National Resource Network, with additional research provided by Varun Adibhatla and Sayantani Mitra.

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