NYU Wagner alumni and educators joining New York City's new administration

Over 30 NYU Wagner alumni and educators have been selected to join the new New York City administration under the leadership of Mayor Eric Adams. With a wide range of experiences and public service expertise — from education and health to civic engagement and sustainability — these members of the Wagner community will guide the City towards a more equitable and inclusive future.

Notable positions include Madeline Labadie (MPA 2013) who was selected as deputy chief of staff for the Office of the Mayor and Tiffany Raspberry (MPA 2019) who was selected as senior advisor for external affairs. Both were appointed to Mayor Adams’ senior team and will serve as key liaisons for various policy initiatives and management engagements. See below for a broader list of NYU Wagner graduates and faculty who are lending their skills to support the new New York City administration:

Elizabeth Angeles, alumna and professor - Contributor, Food Policy

Quemuel Arroyo, alumnus - Lead, Infrastructure, Climate & Sustainability

Jennifer Jones Austin, alumna - Lead, Equity

Gabrielle Blavatsky, alumna - Contributor, Food Policy

Ebone Carrington, alumnus - Contributor, Public Safety and Justice

Louisa Chafee, alumnua and NYU Wagner Visiting Scholar - Member, Human Services

Jessica Chait, alumna - Member, Food Policy

Jenifer Clapp, alumna - Member, Food Policy

Maria Comella, alumna - Member, Technology

Michael Dardia, professor - Member, Technology

Sue Donoghue, alumna - Member, Infrastructure, Climate & Sustainability

Maria Figueroa-Dean, alumna - Member, Education

Lisa Flores, alumna - Director of the Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS)

Sherry Glied, Dean of NYU Wagner - Member, Health

Neil Kleiman, faculty - Contributor, Technology

Madeline Labadie, alumna - Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor

Susan Lee, alumna – Member, Civic Engagement

Sharon Levy, alumna - Member, Civic Engagement

Kenita Lloyd, alumna - Contributor, Education

Sarah Mallory, alumna – Member, Health

Aniqa Nawabi, alumna - Member, Civic Engagement

Marjorie Parker, alumna - Contributor, Education

Randy Peers, alumnus - Member, Economic & Workforce

Tiffany Raspberry, alumna - Senior Advisor for External Affairs

Gary Rodney, alumnus - Contributor, Housing

Richard S. David, alumnus - Lead, Civic Engagement

Martha Stark, faculty - Lead, Budget

Carter Strickland, professor – Member, Arts, Parks & Culture

Vaughan Toney, alumnus - Member, Education

Alan van Cappelle, alumnus and professor - Member, Health       

Lourdes Zapata, alumnus - Member, Economic & Workforce