NYU Wagner faculty speak at eighth annual MAS Summit for New York City

Two NYU Wagner faculty provided expert insight at the annual summit of the Municipal Art Society of New York at the Morgan Library on October 16, 2017.

Sarah Kaufman, NYU Rudin Center Assistant Director, spoke about transportation resilience and climate change. Aging, overcrowded, and vulnerable, New York City’s transit system is at a breaking point. Beyond just everyday maintenance, what are some of the smart ideas that can propel us toward a more robust and resilient system, one worthy of a 21st-century global city? The Resilient Transportation panel tackled these ideas in the video below.



Ingrid Gould Ellen, a Faculty Director at the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, spoke about the history of NYC households and the affordable housing crisis. The obvious solution to growth is to build more and bigger buildings. Instead of a business-as-usual approach, how can we reorganize ourselves and rethink regulations to unlock excess capacity? How might innovations in the sharing economy and housing design help New York become a more affordable, inclusive city? The Thinking Different About Density panel confronted these questions in the video below.


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