NYU Wagner Introduces New Specialization in Social Impact, Innovation, and Investment

As today’s global challenges become increasingly complex, the need for innovative, sustainable solutions has never been more glaring. Given the world’s population growth, inequitable distribution of essential resources, and exacerbating poverty and disease, the solutions to society’s needs around health, education, agriculture and renewable energy cannot be expected to be met solely by traditional government and nongovernmental organizations. These problems are ripe for innovative solutions within and outside government and call for new strategies for achieving social impact via leading-edge models of both social enterprise and social finance. To lead entrepreneurial efforts such as these, the next generation of public service leaders must know how to analyze problems, design cutting-edge solutions, raise capital, advocate for policy change, and deliver results that will make a lasting impact on the public good.

NYU Wagner is therefore extremely proud to launch a new specialization for students who are seeking a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy (PNP): the Social Impact, Innovation, and Investment specialization.

The Social Innovation specialization represents a pioneering effort by a leading graduate school of public service to tackle critical public service challenges through innovative investing strategies. The unique set of core courses and electives provides an opportunity for students to gain critical skills and understanding in financial management, operations management and social enterprise, impact measurement, and policy innovation and advocacy, among other areas. The faculty is composed of noted researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.

“Because of my varied background, I know very well the importance of being ‘multi-lingual’ across sectors and across skill sets,” Professor Scott Taitel explains. “The Social Impact, Innovation, and Investment specialization gives our students the unique opportunity to learn the rigors of best business practices, a path to effecting change through policy, and a framework for innovation to harness solutions with lasting social impact.”

Learn more about our Social Innovation specialization.