NYU Wagner Students to Help Evaluate White House's Opportunity Project

Adam Younger

A group of NYU Wagner students is playing a key role in the White House’s newly announced enlargement of The Opportunity Project—a cross-sector effort to expand community access to digital tools and open data for lasting social improvement.

The team of students led by Adam P. Younger (MPA 2017) will interview participants from the tech sector and local communities to capture lessons learned, implementation challenges, and stories of direct impact.

President Obama launched The Opportunity Project in March to spark the creation of new digital tools that use federal and local data. These tools empower communities with information about critical resources such as affordable housing, quality schools, and jobs, thereby "transforming government data into digital tools that create more just and equitable communities and help people solve problems in their everyday lives,” according to the announcement.

"As the Administration considers how this effort could continue to evolve and scale," explains Mr. Younger, "there is a need to capture the impact of the work and learn from the experiences of participants."

Areas Of Impact