Professor Jacob William Faber Wins 40 For 40 Fellowship from APPAM

Jacob Faber

NYU Wagner Assistant Professor of Public Service Jacob William Faber has been named as winner of a prestigious 40 For 40 Fellowship, given to outstanding early-career research professionals by the Association of Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM).

This 2018-exclusive program provides funding to 40 outstanding early career scholars to attend the 2018 Fall Research Conference of APPAM, the premier conference for high-quality research on a wide variety of emerging policy and management topics.

Professor Faber’s research and teaching focuses on spatial inequality. He leverages observational and experimental methods to study the mechanisms responsible for sorting individuals across space, and how the distribution of people by race and class interacts with political, social, and ecological systems to create and sustain economic disparities. While there is a rich literature exploring the geography of opportunity, there remain many unsettled questions about the causes of segregation and its effects on the residents of urban ghettos, wealthy suburbs, and the diverse set of places in between.

Congratulations, Professor Faber!