Scholars Gather to Explore Methodological Challenges of Collective Leadership Research

Collective Leadership Network

The Third Annual Collective Leadership Network Research Workshop took place at NYU Wagner from September 29 through October 1. It was hosted by NYU Wagner, home of the Collective Leadership Network (Co-Lead Net), which is an international network of academics, practitioners, and graduate students interested in better understanding collective leadership and helping it gain traction as a force for positive change.

NYU Wagner Professor Erica Foldy emphasized the value of Co-Lead Net furthering their understanding of how collective leadership works and identifying the best practices for applying this understanding to real-world challenges. “We are faced with a multitude of extreme challenges that will require large numbers of people coming together to tackle them,” said Professor Foldy.

Guided by the theme of Methodological Challenges of Collective Leadership Research, participants identified the different ways to conduct empirical research based on the phenomenon of collective leadership. NYU Wagner Professor Sonia Ospina, along with Professor Foldy, led participants through two full days of research paper presentations, small and large group discussions, and networking.

According to Professor Ospina, bringing together scholars around collective leadership research is important because “research represents an important way to develop better ideas about leadership that can be used by practitioners. Developing new, evidence-based theories that offer an alternative to heroic leadership is an important contribution.”

The Workshop reflected NYU Wagner’s global, multi-sector approach to public service and emphasis on institutional, organizational, and individual collaboration. Over thirty scholars and practitioners from the public and private sectors, across multiple disciplines and from as far away as Latin America, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East attended the Workshop.

The Collective Leadership Network Research Workshop was made possible with the support of the NYU Leadership Initiative.