Student Spotlight: Tiffany Rose Miller (MPA-PNP)

Tiffany Rose Miller

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Tiffany Rose Miller and I'm currently an MPA-PNP candidate with a Public Policy Analysis specialization at NYU Wagner and a focus on the Quantitative Methods Track. I work as a national security Intern for a US Federal Government intelligence agency and a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to Public Policy course at NYU Wagner. I also serve in various roles throughout NYU including Editor-in-Chief of NYU Wagner Review, Communications Chair for the Black Student Association, and a general member of the National Security Law Society


Why did you choose to come to graduate school, and specifically, why did you choose NYU Wagner?

I decided to pursue a master’s degree specifically in public policy to gain expanded data and analytics expertise. I chose NYU Wagner because of the unique curriculum where students can take data courses to become well versed using software like STATA, SPSS, Tableau, R and RStudio, python coding, and other data analytics platforms like GitHub. This curriculum allows students like myself to work as analysts in the field, or continue on in academia to receive advanced degrees in Engineering.


What is one notably meaningful experience you have had at NYU Wagner?

The most meaningful experience at NYU Wagner was leading their only academic journal, giving students a platform to discuss policy issues they’re passionate about. In May 2020, I founded the first-ever NYU Wagner Review Podcast Series providing NYU Wagner and Law students from various specialties the opportunity to discuss policy issues and propose policy solutions. Leading the most diverse academic journal team for NYU Wagner showed me the importance of diversity and inclusion in academia.


What made you go into the government intelligence field? 

Working for the US Intelligence Community is a lifelong dream of mine since living through the attacks of 9/11 in my home state. I decided to specifically work for an intelligence agency because I was interested in the mechanisms they use to protect our nation from foreign adversaries, and wanted to contribute to that mission in a policy role.

Working for an Agency that focuses on protecting the national security of the United States is a rewarding career and something that I’m truly honored to be a part of.


Favorite part of your work now? Favorite project you’ve worked on?

The most rewarding experience I had while working in the US Intelligence Community was the opportunity to sit down in-person with the most senior enlisted female in the Navy, where I interviewed and wrote a story about her life in the Navy, Military, and Intelligence field.

In addition, within a few weeks of beginning my internship I published a story on the Defense Attaché Services who were performing airfield tests in Honduras but was held up by authorities in the process. In covering the story, I learned about the resilience and quick thinking needed to work in national security. Being an intern and having an opportunity to meet America’s warfighters, standard enforcers, and military members was the biggest honor for me, as someone who is from New York and has lived through 9/11.


What are your career goals moving forward? Where do you want to go next?

My career goals are to continue working within the US Intelligence Community in various roles to help contribute to the overall mission of protecting the national security of America. My interest focuses on the civil liberties, privacy and transparency of US Government agencies. More specifically, I’m interested in focusing on privacy protection laws both domestically and internationally.