On Tuesday, October 27, one week before the end of the 2020 election, Wagner Womxn hosted WOMXN + POLITICS, a panel discussion on the unique experiences of womxn in all aspects of the political sphere. The event was co-hosted by VOTE 2020 and the NYU Wagner Review.

Adjunct Professor Katherine Grainger moderated a lively, inspiring, and galvanizing discussion among six incredible panelists, including De’Ara Balenger, Jennifer Bendery, Senior Political Reporter at HuffPost, Charlotte Clymer, Activist and Writer, Dianne Morales, NYC Mayoral Candidate, Kunoor Ohja, Chief of Staff at the Green New Deal Network and Christina Reynolds, VP Communications at Emily’s List.

The conversation covered a myriad topics, from career journeys and advice to theories on the 2016 election to a rumination on what it means to “have a seat at the table” or “be in the room” when it comes to advocating for a more inclusive future, not to mention a few 2020 predictions.

The panelists rounded out their discussion with some time for questions from the audience submitted throughout the event. Thanks to the NYU Wagner Review’s partnership, the full event recording is available as a podcast here.