Instructions for NYU Courses Outside of Wagner

Courses at Other Schools

With the permission of the faculty, you may take courses offered by other divisions at NYU when such coursework is relevant to your program and enhances your educational experience. To determine if a course outside of Wagner is a good match for you:

  • Obtain and review the syllabus. Please note that the syllabi on the Pre-Approved University-Wide Electives list are provided as a reference for students. For the most up-to-date syllabi, contact the department offering the course.
  • Check the University course search with the exception of Law School and Stern courses.
  • Check for prerequisites or other restrictions. If you are unsure about your eligibility to take a course, you should contact the appropriate school or department in which the course is taught.
  • Check if the course is on our Pre-Approved University-Wide Electives list.
  • Check the number of credits assigned to the course by the NYU school offering the course.  The number of credits that will be applied to your Wagner degree, and for which you will be charged Wagner tuition, will be the actual number of credits assigned to the course.
  • Review Wagner's grading scale, since it applies to all courses taken at other divisions of the University.  Any grade lower than a "C-" (lowest grade before an "F") cannot be counted toward a Wagner degree.

Instructions for Obtaining Approval for Electives Not on Pre-Approved List

If the course is not on the Pre-Approved University-Wide Electives list and NYU Wagner does not teach a similar course, but the course is open to NYU Wagner students and prerequisites have been met, you must first obtain permission from the Wagner faculty to apply the course toward your degree.

You must prepare a memo that contains the following:

  1. Your name and your University ID# (N....)
  2. Your program and specialization
  3. A short concise memo explaining the three points below:
    • The reason for requesting to take the course, including demonstration that Wagner does not teach a similar course
    • How the course is relevant to public service
    • How the course fits with your public service academic and career goals
  4. The course syllabus
  5. A list of the specific course prerequisites and how you have met them. If the non-Wagner school has an explicit prerequisite or proficiency policy (for example, Stern), you must outline how you have met that school's requirement.
  6. Your unofficial NYU Wagner transcript downloaded from Albert

You must forward your memo along with a copy of the course syllabus to Wagner Student Services.

Your Student Services Program Advisor will then work with the appropriate faculty to determine whether the course is relevant to your Wagner degree program and specialization. The faculty will review your request thoroughly. Decisions rendered are final.

Note: Students may submit a request once per semester. If you intend to request a back-up course if your first choice is denied, you must submit the back-up course and first-choice course at the same time.

Instructions for Registering for University-Wide Electives

  • If the course appears on the Pre-Approved University-Wide Electives list, review and follow registration procedure for the relevant school (see links to the left).
  • If the course does not appear on the Pre-Approved list, first obtain approval (see above) and then review and follow registration procedure for the relevant school (see links to the left).


November 12 (5:00pm): Priority deadline to submit non pre-approved registration requests to Wagner Student Services.

January 7 (5:00pm): Deadline to request to take any non-Wagner course.

Reminder: Check the specific school deadlines listed on the school pages (see left navigation for links).


Note: Undergraduate and Foreign Language Courses


Undergraduate level and foreign language courses cannot be applied to any degree offered by Wagner.

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