Prostate Specific Antigen at the Initial Diagnosis of Metastasis to Bone in Patients After Radical Prostatectomy

Loeb, S., D.V. Makarov, E.M. Schaeffer, E.B. Humphreys, and P.C. Walsh Read more

Regional Variation in Total Cost per Radical Prostatectomy in the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database

Makarov, D.V., S. Loeb, A.B. Landman, M.E. Nielsen, C.P. Gross, D.L. Leslie, D.F. Penson, and R.A. Desai Read more

Validation of the Partin Nomogram for Prostate Cancer in a National Sample

Yu, J.B., D.V. Makarov, R. Sharma, R.E. Peschel, A.W. Partin, and C.P. Gross Read more

DNA content in the diagnostic biopsy for benign-adjacent and cancer-tissue areas predicts the need for treatment in men with T1c prostate cancer undergoing surveillance in an expectant management programme

Isharwal, S., D.V. Makarov, H.B. Carter,J.I. Epstein, A.W. Partin, P. Landis, C. Marlow, and R.W. Veltri Read more

Patient Centered Outcomes in Prostate Cancer Treatment: Predictors of Satisfaction Up to 2 Years After Open Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

Abraham, N.E., D.V. Makarov, J. Laze, E. Stefanovics, R. Desai, and H. Lepor, Herbert Read more

Renal Ultrasonography in the Evaluation of Acute Kidney Injury: Developing a Risk Stratification Framework

Licurse, A., M.C. Kim, J. Dziura, H.P. Forman, R.N. Formica, D.V. Makarov, C.R. Parikh, and C.P. Gross Read more

Significance of preoperative PSA velocity in men with low serum PSA and normal DRE

Makarov, D.V., S. Loeb, A. Magheli, K. Zhao, E. Humphreys, M.L. Gonzalgo, A.W. Partin, and M. Han Read more

ProPSA and Diagnostic Biopsy Tissue DNA Content Combination Improves Accuracy to Predict Need for Prostate Cancer Treatment Among Men Enrolled in an Active Surveillance Program

Isharwal, S., D.V. Makarov, L.J. Sokoll, P. Landis, C. Marlow, J.I. Epstein, A.W. Partin, H.B. Carter, and R.W. Veltri Read more

Prediction of patient-specific risk and percentile cohort risk of pathological stage outcome using continuous prostate-specific antigen measurement, clinical stage and biopsy Gleason score

Huang, Y., S. Isharwal, A. Haese, F.K.H. Chun,D.V. Makarov, Z. Feng, M. Han, E. Humphreys, J.I. Epstein, A.W. Partin, and R.W. Veltri Read more

A New Formula for Prostate Cancer Lymph Node Risk

Yu, J.B. D.V. Makarov, and C. Gross Read more
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