Investigations Done Right and Wrong: Government by Investigation, 1945-2012

Light, Paul Read more

Government by Investigation: Congress, President, and the Search for Answers, 1945–2012

Paul Light Read more

Power: Past findings, present considerations, and future directions

Galinsky, A. D., Rucker, D. D., & Magee, J. C. Read more

Helping Without Harming: The Instructor’s Feedback Dilemma in Debriefing—A Case Study

Rudolph, J. W., Foldy, E. G. et al. Read more

The blind leading: Power reduces awareness of constraints

Whitson, JA, KA Liljenquist, AD Galinsky, JC Magee, DH Gruenfeld, & B Cadena. Read more

The social distance theory of power.

Magee, JC, & PK Smith. Read more

A world without prisons: Improving prisoners' lives and transforming the justice system

Foldy, E. G. & Walters, J. Read more

On the folly of principals' power: Managerial psychology as a cause of bad incentives

Magee, Joe C., Gavin Kilduff, & Chip Heath. Read more

Financial development and pathways of growth: State branching and deposit insurance laws in the United States from 1900 to 1940

Rajeev Dehejia and Adriana Lleras-Muney Read more

Current Risk Management Issues for Hazardous Liquids and Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure

J.S. Simonoff, C.E. Restrepo, and R. Zimmerman. Read more
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