Proposal to fund a workshop (VentureLab 1) to assist students in developing a business plan for "Rootstock," an academic initiative to develop a technology platform for learning, exchanging ideas and resources, and collecting student work deliverables on various topics.

Residents' Willingness to Pay for Street Parking in American Suburbs: Rethinking Street Standard as a Parking Policy

This project aims to test the assumption that many suburb residents are willing to forgo dedicated street parking lanes in front of their houses for cheaper and/or larger housing, an option often unavailable in the current market due to the government's mandate of these parking lanes in local street standards.

Contributing to Health Reform: Anallysis and Technical Assistance Grant

To provide two types of support to the work that began under the Task Force on Future of Health Insurance and is continuing under the Commission on a High Performance Health System:
1. Provide programming and data support to the Fund and to grantees working on coverage, access, and cost containment issues.
2. Produce new work that supports the mission of expanding and improving health care access and containing costs.

Networks of Voluntary Organization and Community Resilience

Project to identify the community factors that can be used to predict and improve recovery in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy; map out the latent and actual network structures that can inform response, recovery, and future resliience of communities after Sandy; and provide solutions to use different means of communication to reach out to different subgroups of the affected communities.


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