Incomplete grades

It is the expectation that students complete all course requirements on time. Students may be penalized for failing to meet course requirements as scheduled in the syllabus. The policy outlined below will be enforced for all courses taught at the Wagner School.

Papers, homework assignments, and exams not completed by the due date may result in a diminished grade, the grade of zero, or the grade of F for the specific assignment. Under special circumstances, the temporary grade of IP (Incomplete/Pass) or IF (Incomplete/Fail) may be reported for students who are unable to complete all of the required coursework on time. These circumstances will generally be extraordinary ones, such as a medical emergency. An IP indicates that the student was passing the course at the time of the request. An IF indicates that the student was failing the course at the time of the request.

In order to receive either an IP or an IF, the student must make a request via completing the Incomplete Request Form (available by emailing the Office of Academic Services at, which must be signed by the student and the faculty member teaching the course. The written approval will include the reason for the request, the specific plan for completing requirements, and a due date for all remaining requirements. Students completing late work with the approval of the faculty should allow at least six weeks for faculty to submit grades during the academic year and ten weeks during the summer.

NOTE: Only under extraordinary circumstances will Incomplete grades be granted to students after the midterm.

Students are expected to complete the course during the next semester in which it is offered, and no later than one academic year from the time the temporary grade of IP or IF was earned. For example, for core courses that are offered every semester, students are expected to complete the course in the following semester. Special allowances will be made for courses that are only offered every other year. In these situations, students may have up to two years to remove an incomplete grade. Likewise, courses in which students ordinarily receive a grade of IP because some of the coursework is expected to be turned in after the classroom sessions are over (e.g., the year-long Capstone courses that routinely assign IP’s for the Fall semester) will be treated as special situations. If the agreed upon plan of action requires that the student audit the course, the student must pay a $750 fee.

Students with two or more IP or IF grades on their transcript will be placed on academic probation.

After one academic year, an IP remaining on a student’s transcript will automatically revert to an N (no grade) and an IF will automatically revert to an F. After this period, students will be required to re-register and pay for the course. Students are allowed one opportunity to repeat a course. If this second attempt is unsuccessful, a student will likely be required to withdraw from the school.

Student's should know that incomplete grades on a transcript can have implications for financial aid access. Students should carefully read the graduate student information at this link regarding NYU Financial Aid's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies.


Auditing is generally permitted when the student needs assistance in eliminating an incomplete grade (IP or IF). However students (or alumni) can request to complete a recreational audit of a course with the permission of the instructor.

There is fee associated with auditing a course. The fee to audit a course to eliminate an incomplete grade is $750.00. To learn the fee for a recreational audit, please email Students who are auditing a course and are not registered for other courses will also be required to pay the maintenance of matriculation fee.

Signed permission of the instructor and Academic Services is required. An audit space is not guaranteed and is subject to the instructor’s approval as well as the availability of seats.

For a recreational audit, students must wait until the week before the course starts in order to make the request. If there are available seats at that point, Academic Services can proceed with the audit process. Please note that students do not receive a record (such as a grade) for a recreational audit and completion of all coursework and course exams may be required.

To register to audit and pay the fee, can contact