Incomplete Grades

Incomplete Grades

It is the expectation that students will complete all course requirements on time.  Students are penalized for failing to meet course requirements as scheduled in the syllabus; papers, homework assignments, and exams not completed by the due date will result in a diminished grade, the grade of zero, or the grade of F for the specific assignment.

Students may be assigned an incomplete grade by a faculty member only under documented extraordinary circumstances and will be required to agree in writing and meet completion requirements set forth by the instructor on or before the end of the semester following the request. 

Incomplete Grade Assignment Requires Documentation

All circumstances leading to the request of an incomplete grade must have clear documentation (e.g. medical note, obituary notice, employer’s note), which must be reviewed and approved by the instructor.  If approved, the documentation must be attached to the Incomplete Grade Request Form and is completed and signed by both the student and the instructor. The instructor will then assign an incomplete grade of I.

Resolving Incomplete Grade

On the Incomplete Grade Request Form, instructors will clearly define the product to be delivered before the end of the next semester by the student. Requirements should be made on the basis of written assignments or academic product.

Deadline to Resolve Incomplete Grade

All incomplete grades must be resolved on or before the end of the next semester. Incomplete grades from courses taken in the January, Spring, or Summer terms must be resolved by the end of the following Fall semester. Incomplete grades from courses taken in the Fall must be resolved by the end of the following Spring semester. The instructor will set a specific due date on or before the end of the next semester by which all work must be submitted and this due date will be recorded on the Incomplete Grade Request Form.

In exceptional cases where a core, specialization, or program requirement is not offered the following semester, the timeline may be extended one additional semester, subject to approval by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs upon written application by the student with the approval of the instructor. Work for elective offerings must be completed by the end of the semester following the incomplete grade request without exception.

If an incomplete is not resolved, either by submitting all work  or extending the timeline by the deadline established, the I grade will be changed to an F (fail). 

Incomplete Grade Counts As Attempt

An incomplete will count as the first attempt of a course. Students are allowed two attempts at a course.

Students with two or more Incomplete (I) grades on their transcript will be placed on academic probation. 


Incomplete Grade Request Form

Course Withdrawal

In situations where students cannot demonstrate extraordinary circumstances, students still have the option to withdraw from a course (with a “W” on the transcript) prior to the ninth week of the term. Students who choose this option must follow the policy and procedure