Official Transcript Requirements

Submit your Official Transcripts

Admitted students are required to hold a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or an equivalent degree from a foreign country. Admitted students will not be eligible to register for classes until the Office of Admissions has received your enrollment deposit and official transcripts

Official transcript requirements:

  • You must submit official, hard-copy transcripts from all degree-granting programs you have completed OR, if your institution has a process for emailing electronic transcripts (such as services available through eSCRIP-SAFE, Parchment, or National Student Clearinghouse), you may submit it/them to wagner.admissions@nyu.eduPlease note that if you designate yourself as the recipient of an electronic transcript and then forward it to Wagner Admissions, it is no longer considered official.
  • If you are submitting an official, hard-copy transcript, have your university mail it to:
    NYU Wagner Admissions
    295 Lafayette Street, 2nd Floor
    New York, New York 10012
  • Please submit proof of degree conferral for all undergraduate and graduate degrees earned. Proof of degree conferral must come in the form of official transcripts from each degree-granting institution.
  • Each transcript must contain a list of courses taken, grades or marks earned, and name of degree earned.
  • All official academic transcripts must be original documents bearing the institutional seal and signature of the institution's registrar. They must be submitted in the original, sealed envelope from the institution or submitted electronically by the institution to We do not accept copies, opened or unsealed envelopes, unofficial printouts, or facsimiles. 
  • All transcripts must be accompanied by proof of degree conferral. The degree conferral must indicate the:
    1. Type of degree conferred
    2. Month and year the degree was conferred
    3. Institution and location from which you received the degree

If degree conferral information is reflected on your transcript, then you do not need to provide additional degree conferral documentation. Please confirm this with the institution attended.

Please note that documents showing completion of a curriculum or courses are not sufficient on a standalone basis. 

All transcripts submitted are considered property of NYU Wagner. They will not be returned to you, transferred, or forwarded to other institutions or other schools at NYU. Please do not submit an original copy of an academic transcript that cannot be replaced. 

Your official transcripts and degree conferrals will be verified upon receipt. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission, at any time prior to or after enrolling, if degree conferral is not sufficiently proven.


Additional Requirements and Information for International Students

If an original transcript is not in English, newly admitted students are required to submit both the official transcript and its English translation. Both the official transcript and the translation should be submitted in one sealed envelope. 

If the institution attended does not provide an English translation with the official transcript, a certified English translation through a translating service must be obtained and submitted in a sealed envelope, endorsed across the seal by the embassy or consulate of the institution's country. NYU Wagner has no preferred translating services. All translations should be complete and literal renditions of the original record.


Records should contain the following information:

  •  Dates of enrollment
  •  Courses taken
  •  Units of credit or time allotted to each subject during each term or year
  •  Marks or ratings in each subject
  •  Degree earned and date awarded 

World Education Services International Credential Package (WES ICAP) and WES evaluation reports that include official documents sent directly by the institution are acceptable and do meet NYU Wagner's proof of degree conferral policy only if they include all final grades and proof of degree conferral. 

Records issued only once by institutions should be photocopied and certified as official copies either by school officials or legal authorities (embassy or institution's country consulates). These documents should be sent to us in a sealed (unopened), stamped envelope. Please do not send the original of an academic record that cannot be replaced.


Transcript Information for Students Completing Their Final Undergraduate Term

Students completing their final term of their undergraduate degree must submit a final transcript with proof of degree conferral immediately upon graduating and no later than: January 15 for incoming SPRING term / July 15 for incoming FALL term. Your student record will be activated only upon receipt of your final transcript and proof of degree conferral. Once we receive this information, your record will be activated and you may register for classes. Please do not send transcripts until your degree conferral has been posted to the transcript.  If you are uncertain if degree conferral has been posted, please contact your degree-granting institution.


Transcript Information for Dual Degree and Current/Former NYU Students

Dual Degree students must submit final transcripts to both NYU schools. Current and former NYU students must order official transcripts from the NYU Registrar and have them sent directly to NYU Wagner.