Alejandro Martinez

Master of Urban Planning
- 2020

Senior Analyst
James Lima Planning and Development
Alejandro Martinez

How did you find your first post-NYU Wagner job?

I graduated as the COVID pandemic was starting (May 2020) and was disrupting New York and New Yorkers in multiple ways. I immediately started looking for opportunities where I could contribute with my knowledge and experience to support the community in those difficult times. I identified organizations that were implementing projects to mitigate the negative impact of the pandemic in the city and had the opportunity to join the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to support small businesses.

How did being in New York City impact your professional journey?

The city is a lab itself. You can learn from it while exploring and enjoying. Its diversity, density, cultural assets, classic and modern architecture, and cuisine from all over the globe make New York a unique place to study and live.

Can you tell us a bit about your job responsibilities?

As a senior analyst at JLPD, I manage urban planning and economic development projects from beginning to end, from drafting proposals and preparing scopes to the actual execution of the project. I also coordinate the communications with the clients and prepare the final deliverables ensuring they respond to the clients' needs and projects' objectives.

What impact do you hope to make through your career and/or organization?

I hope I can improve the quality of life of people in cities by creating vibrant and sustainable environments where everyone can thrive.