Cherrelle Hall

Executive Master of Public Administration-Public Service Leaders

Director, Operations and Student Support
Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia Law School
Cherrelle Hall

What were you doing before you came to NYU Wagner? What brought you to the EMPA Program, and how did your time at NYU Wagner help you further your career in public service? 

My background is in higher education and I had worked at NYU for almost seven years at the time that I applied to the EMPA program at NYU Wagner. I was experiencing some leadership challenges and knew that Wagner would give me the tools needed to address them. By attending NYU Wagner, I was able to expand my network and make connections that ultimately led to my current role.

What public service impact do you hope to make through your organization and/or career?

My organization's mission is to revitalize public education while reinventing professional education. My work on the operations team supports our work inside and outside the classroom, ultimately having a positive impact on the students and public and social organizations that we serve.

What are you most proud of professionally?

I have many professional accomplishments that I'm proud of, but I am most proud of the growth that I experienced during my time at NYU Wagner. I learned so much about myself as a leader and how I want to show up in the world. I was motivated to continue to push myself and it gave me the confidence to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

What was your most memorable course or professor? How did this play forward into your work?

My most memorable course was Gender, Politics, and Leadership in the fall of 2020. In this course, we explored gender, politics, and leadership in organizations, something that I am particularly interested in as a woman of color and leader. What I learned in this course inspired me to continue my learning of women and leadership in organizations and institutions of higher education and how they are being supported and set up for success in these roles. I have recently been admitted to an EdD program in Educational Leadership and Change to explore this topic further.

What advice would you give to someone considering or about to enter the EMPA Program?

The advice I would give is to be prepared to not just learn academically, but also expect that you will work on yourself and grow as a person. NYU Wagner prepares you holistically in the practice of leadership. It will be hard work, but it's so worth it.