Rachel Brown

Master of Urban Planning

Rachel Brown

Can you tell us a bit about your job responsibilities?

As a Principal Project Coordinator in the Capital Planning group at NJ TRANSIT, I am responsible for the intake of capital improvement concepts, evaluating their merits, and shepherding projects through the capital planning process to develop the right sized scope of work, budget and project delivery schedule. I also support the continuous generation of and updating of the rolling 5-year Capital Plan. Additionally, I support other efforts including the adoption of zero emission systems, the incorporation of innovative technologies into major projects, and assessing resilience and climate change adaptation needs.

Please describe how your experiences at NYU Wagner prepared you for your career?

My experience at Wagner prepared me for my career by challenging me to develop my leadership skills. More specifically, my capstone experience working with NYC DOT on bus equity assessment was pivotal to my development as a transportation researcher and planner.

Please describe what impact you hope to make through your career and/or organization?

I hope to prioritize transportation infrastructure projects that make our region and local communities more competitive, efficient, resilient, and livable.