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Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management

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This course will explore the role of ethics in management leadership and organization success in today’s health care environment. Learning objectives include:

- Foster critical awareness of the student’s values and the underlying ethical issues
- Identify and enhance knowledge and skills to respond to specific ethics encountered in today’s environment
- Promote competence in moral reasoning and skill in applying basic ethics concepts, including identifying, analyzing, and resolving ethics conflicts
- Explore various ethical issues in health care management
- Describe ethics resources and tools

The course will focus on both recognizing and responding to contemporary ethical topics in health care management.

Class sessions will explore the application of moral
reasoning, based on various ethical theories to health care concerns encountered by healthcare administrators, policy makers and clinicians. The course will demonstrate the practical application of philosophy and specifically, moral reasoning to ethical conflicts in health care organizations. Emphasis will be on critical thinking, real-world
application, and decision-making in a professional environment.

Students should come to class prepared to participate in the discussion of major topics outlined for each course session. Each session will consist of faculty and student presentations, group discussion, and case studies. The course is of interest to all students, especially those pursuing careers in health care.



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