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The Intersection of Finance and Social Justice

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Capital is but a tool – one that can be used for many different purposes. This course explores the use of finance as a tool for social change.

The sessions provide an overview of different approaches to the question of aligning investments and values and aim to empower the student with a critical framework for the evaluation of the role of finance in society via case studies and a review of current practices along a continuum from “avoiding the bad” to “building the good.” It is geared toward both finance practitioners and social change agents seeking to understand the interrelation and intersection of capital and social change practice.

Using impact investing as a starting point – but not an end point – this course provides an actionable, practitioner-centered overview of the opportunities to advance social change via capital. It will cover emerging strategies ranging from divestment in the public equities space to direct investments into social enterprises and communities, touching on some of the major topics in the space, from the allocation of risks and returns among stakeholders, to impact measurement and management.


CORE-GP.1021; PADM-GP.2147 recommended

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