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Introduction to Structured Finance: Strategies for Municipal, Health and Corporate Finance

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This course examines the process by which financing objectives are transformed into municipal bond transactions and other opportunities to utilize structured finance products in the health and corporate finance sectors. The course will center on a case study of an actual bond transaction that financed multiple new money (construction) and refunding projects. We will learn the mathematics underlying financial structure and the governing conventions and vocabulary of structured finance. We will study the instruments of structured finance and how they manifest into structural form. Once we have developed this core understanding, we will review in detail the Official Statement related to the case study to begin our exploration of the structuring process.

All cash flow elements of the structuring process will be discussed in detail and formulated in EXCEL. Once a sufficient understanding of the purpose and protocols associated with the structuring process is developed, we will explore the bond structuring process using DBC Finance, the industry standard bond structuring software.


CORE-GP.1021; PADM-GP.4130 concurrently

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