FAQs: Capstone

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I am a potential client. What is a project liaison? How much time should a project liaison expect to put towards a Capstone Team?

All Capstone clients must designate one person in their agency who will act as the project liaison and a back-up person in case of a change in circumstances that prevents the original liaison from continuing in the role. Project liaisons are expected to act as the main organizational contact to the Capstone Team and to respond to the Capstone Team as appropriate.

I am a potential client. Is there a fee associated with engaging a Capstone Team?

An engagement fee of $5,000 is suggested for chosen projects. NYU Wagner recognizes there will be organizations for which this fee may be prohibitive. In these cases, the fee may be adjusted to reflect the resources available to each agency. Your application will be reviewed on its merits, not your organization's ability to pay.

I am a potential client. If my project proposal is accepted, what formal Capstone client activities should I know about?

Selected Capstone clients are invited to attend a Capstone Client Breakfast meeting in October and our Capstone Expo in early May. As part of the Capstone Expo, each Capstone Team will be required to write an abstract and create a visual presentation that describes the project's purpose, methodology, key insights and recommendations.