FAQs: Capstone

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I am a potential client. What can my organization expect from a Capstone Team? What will a Capstone Team expect of my organization?

Each student team will develop and negotiate a scope-of-work agreement with the client once its proposal has been selected. The project team will use its best efforts to perform the services described in the work plan and will inform the client of any potential problems which would change the scope of services.

I am a potential client. If my organization applies for a Capstone Team, are we certain to get one?

We receive more proposals than we have student teams. As a result, there is no guarantee that a proposal will be chosen by a student team. However, if your project is not chosen, you will be given the opportunity to convert the project into an internship opportunity for Wagner students.

I am a potential client. What is a project liaison? How much time should a project liaison expect to put towards a Capstone Team?

All Capstone clients must designate one person in their agency who will act as the project liaison and a back-up person in case of a change in circumstances that prevents the original liaison from continuing in the role. Project liaisons are expected to act as the main organizational contact to the Capstone Team and to respond to the Capstone Team as appropriate.