How can I open a bank account as an international student?

It is not advisable to walk around New York with a large amount of cash. You may wish to open a bank account before entering the United States. Check with a bank in your home country about the easiest way to transfer sums of money in U.S. dollars from home.  Paying for large expenses may take several days to clear U.S. banks.

Students often open an account at one of the banks near the OGS office, after completing their mandatory OGS check-in. A social security number is not required for an F-I or J-I student to open a bank account, but you will need proof of identification and immigration status in the U.S. (passport, I-94, and I-20 or DS-2019). Additional items you should bring include:

  • Your NYU ID card;
  • Any identification documents issued by your government;
  • A letter of enrollment (obtained at the Registrar’s Office at 25 W. 4th St); and
  • Money or a check to deposit.

If you have any problems opening an account, contact OGS for more information. OGS also provides information about opening a bank account in their Welcome to NYU Workshop.

Here is a list of banks with branches near NYU campus that will open accounts for international students: Citibank at 555 LaGuardia Place (next door to OGS), Wells Fargo at 66 Ninth Ave. at 15th St., HSBC  at 9th St. and Broadway, 15th St. and Park Ave., Houston and Broadway, or 8th St. near 5th Ave.