FAQs: International Students

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Does Wagner provide support on how to adjust to New York and Graduate School in the U.S.?

Wagner’s International Student Workshops are designed to help Wagner students from outside of the U.S. acclimate to NYU and to New York City. Each workshop will focus on a different facet of adapting to U.S. and New York culture, offering information but also encouraging interactive discussion among students.

What if I want to do three semesters of paid, off-campus work and/or three paid, off-campus internships?

International students who wish to continue a paid, off-campus internship past two semesters or begin a third paid, off-campus internship must apply for Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT). CPT will not be extended for more than two semesters (including summer) or for more than two positions.

For international students: As an F-1 student, can I obtain authorization to accept an off-campus paid position to fulfill my Professional Experience Requirement (PER)?

Wagner requires all MPA and MUP students to graduate with professional experience that is directly related to their degree program, specialization, and career goals. Degree-relevant work experience to fulfill the Professional Experience Requirement (PER) is approved by Wagner’s Office of Career Services.