How do I take a leave of absence?

Matriculated students in good standing who need to take a leave of absence from school up to two semesters for national service or serious illness are required to submit a written leave of absence request to the administrator of their program along with supporting documentation. The academic year begins on September 1 and ends on August 31. Students granted leaves of absence are still required to complete all degree requirements within the specified time of initial enrollment (masters' students within 5 years; doctoral students within 7-10 years).

Students who receive Wagner School merit scholarship aid and who take a leave for a semester must contact to inquire about how the leave will affect their scholarship aid.

Any student who has not enrolled in courses for more than two consecutive semesters will not be allowed to continue to maintain matriculation or be on a leave of absence. Instead, without exception, the student is required to apply for readmission to the Wagner School. Students should be aware of the admission timetable in advance, so that if reapplication is necessary, they can apply in time for their targeted admit date.