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How long does it take to complete the Executive MPA (EMPA) for Public Service Leaders program?

Students can complete the EMPA for Public Service Leaders in less than one year. 

If you elect to pursue the Saturday scheduling option, you will complete one course over four intensive weekdays at the end of August and four Saturday courses in both the fall and spring.  If you elect to pursue the Weekday Evening scheduling option, you will also complete one course over four intensive weekdays at the end of August and the remaining eight courses on weekday evenings between the fall and spring.

Many students elect to take courses on both Saturdays and Weekday Evenings, which also allows you to complete the program in less than one year full-time.

The program can also be completed over the course of two or more years on a part-time basis.  EMPA students who live in New York City and work full-time typically choose to take two courses each semester, which allows them to complete the program over two years.  Note that some elective courses are not offered every semester.

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