What courses am I required to take for the Wagner Health Policy and Management program?

All Wagner students are required to take five "core" classes:

  • Introduction to Public Policy
  • Management and Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Statistical Methods
  • Microeconomics 

These courses should be taken as early as possible and according to the first semester(s) course plan. Many are prerequisites for other courses and for the Capstone (which is also required for all students). After that, course requirements for Health Policy and Management students depend on which "specialization" is selected.

Health specializations include:

  • Health Services Management
  • Health Policy Analysis
  • Health Finance (with emphasis on financial management or public finance)
  • International Health

Each of these specializations has a different set of required courses, although many courses are required for several specializations – click here to learn more about the requirements of each specialization.

For any required course, if you have had a comparable course at the undergraduate or graduate level, you can seek a waiver. In some instances, a student can take an exam to qualify for a waiver. We encourage students to waive classes where they feel comfortable that they already have strong knowledge and competencies since it allows more flexibility to take elective courses. To learn more about waivers, click here.