Multiple Pathways to Community-Level Impacts in HIV Prevention: Implications for Conceptualization, Implementation, and Evaluation of Interventions

Yoshikawa, H., Wilson, P.A., Peterson, J. L. & Shinn, M.
In E. J. Trickett & W. Pequegnat (Eds.) Community Interventions and AIDS (pp. 28-55). New York: Oxford University Press,

Interventions with individuals who are at risk for HIV/AIDS have been shown to have a positive short-term impact. This book provides an overarching framework based on an ecological approach for designing and implementing HIV/AIDS intervention with longer-term, community impact. It explains the basic aspects of this ecological perspective and provides examples of how it works. It is specifically concerned with the question of the degree to which individuals behavior change can be sustained and whether interventions adequately respond to environmental risk factors.