Health Policy

Neighborhood-level risk factors for severe hyperglycemia among ED patients without a prior diabetes diagnosis

Christian Koziatek, Isaac Bohart, [...], Daniel B. Neill, David Lee Read more

PROVIDENT: development and validation of a machine learning model to predict neighborhood-level overdose risk in Rhode Island

Bennett Allen, [...], Magdalena Cerda, Daniel B. Neill Read more

Fairness and bias of machine learning in healthcare and medicine

Isaac Bohart, Daniel B. Neill, and David Lee Read more

Identifying predictors of opioid overdose death at a neighborhood level with machine learning

R. C. Schell, B. Allen, W. C. Goedel, B. D. Hallowell, R. Scagos, Y. Li, M. S. Krieger, D. B. Neill, B. D. L. Marshall, M. Cerda, and J. Ahern Read more

Detecting anomalous networks of opioid prescribers and dispensers in prescription drug data

Katie Rosman and Daniel B. Neill Read more

Presyndromic surveillance for improved detection of emerging public health threats

Mallory Nobles, Ramona Lall, Robert W. Mathes, and Daniel B. Neill Read more

Preventing overdose using information and data from the environment (PROVIDENT): Protocol for a randomised, population-based, community intervention trial

B. D. L. Marshall, N. Alexander-Scott, J. L. Yedinak, B. Hallowell, W. C. Goedel, B. Allen, R. C. Schell, M. S. Krieger, C. Pratty, J. Ahern, D. B. Neill, and M. Cerda Read more

Translating predictive analytics for public health practice: a case study of overdose prevention in Rhode Island

B. Allen, D. B. Neill, R. C. Schell, J. Ahern, B. Hallowell, M. Krieger, V. A. Jent, W. C. Goedel, A. R. Cartus, J. L. Yedinak, C. Pratty, B. D. L. Marshall, and M. Cerda Read more

Chronic Medication Burden for Patients After Congenital Heart Surgery: A 14-Year Statewide Analysis of Publicly Insured Patients

Woo J et al. Read more

Association of Insurance Mix and Diagnostic Coding Practices in New York State Hospitals

Dragan KL et all Read more

Sensitivity of Medicaid Claims Data for Identifying Opioid Use Disorder in Patients Admitted to 6 New York City Public Hospitals

McNeely J et al. Read more

Financial Survival Strategies: Taking the Long View

Carla Jackie Sampson Read more