Health Policy

Medicare Beneficiaries Living In Housing With Supportive Services Experienced Lower Hospital Use Than Others

MK. Gusmano, VG. Rodwin, D. Weisz Read more

Hospital readmission risk for patients with self-reported hearing loss and communication trouble

JE Chang Ji, BE Weinstein, J Chodosh, J Blustein Read more

Why Don't Seniors Choose Financially Optimal Drug Plans?

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We All Grow Old: Housing Characteristics, Falls and the Health of Seniors

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A Pilot Community Health Worker Program in Subsidized Housing: The Health + Housing Project

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Japan's Universal and Affordable Health Care: Lessons for the United States

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Do benefits restrictions limit Medicaid acceptance in addiction treatment? Results from a national study

Christina M. Andrews, Colleen M. Grogan, Melissa A. Westlake, Amanda J. Abraham, Harold A. Pollack, Thomas D'Aunno, Peter D. Friedmann Read more

Hearing loss: Why does it matter for nursing homes

EM McCreedy, BE Weinstein, J Chodosh, J Blustein Read more

Tackling hearing loss to improve the care of older adults

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Measuring Micro-Level Effects of a New Supermarket: Do Residents Within 0.5 Mile Have Improved Dietary Behaviors?

Stephanie Rogus, Jessica K. Athens, Jonathan Cantor, Brian D. Elbel Read more

Perfluorooctanoic acid and low birth weight: Estimates of US attributable burden and economic costs from 2003 through 2014

J Malits, J Blustein, L Trasande, T Attina Read more

The Affordable Care Act Transformation of Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Amanda J. Abraham, Christina M. Andrews, Colleen M. Grogan, Thomas D’Aunno, Keith N. Humphreys, Harold A. Pollack, and Peter D. Friedmann Read more