Health Policy

Creating and Implementing a Nurse Mentoring Program

Cortney Miller, Charlotte Wagenberg, Erica Loney, MaryPat Porinchak, and Natasha Ramrup Read more
Graph: Population-adjusted influenza /pneumonia death rates compared with public transit ridership in 121 major cities in the United States, 2015.

Public transportation and transmission of viral respiratory disease: Evidence from influenza deaths in 121 cities in the United States

Renata E. Howland, Nicholas R. Cowan, Scarlett S. Wang, Mitchell L. Moss, Sherry Glied Read more

Getting The Price Right: How Some Countries Control Spending In A Fee-For-Service System

MK Gusmano, M Laugesen, VG Rodwin, and LD Brown Read more

World Cities And National Policy In The Time Of COVID-19

VG. Rodwin, MK. Gusmano Read more

Trends in cesarean delivery rates in China, 2008-2018

HT Li, S Hellerstein, YB Zhou, JM Liu, J Blustein Read more

The Impact of Renovations of Subsidized Housing on Health

Ingrid Ellen, Sherry Glied, and Kacie Dragan Read more

The relationship of Medicaid expansion to psychiatric comorbidity care within substance use disorder treatment programs

Chelsea L Shover, Amanda J. Abraham, Thomas D'Aunno, Peter D. Friedmann, and Keith Humphreys Read more

Gentrification and the Health of Low-Income Children in New York City

Kacie Dragan, Ingrid Ellen, and Sherry Glied Read more

NIH Funding for hearing loss research

J Blustein Read more

NIH spending on hearing loss research

Jan Blustein Read more

Does Gentrification Displace Poor Children? New Evidence from Medicaid Records in New York City

Kacie Dragan, Ingrid Ellen, and Sherry Glied Read more

Medicaid coverage in substance use disorder treatment after the affordable care act

Christina M. Andrews, Harold A. Pollack, Amanda J. Abraham, Colleen M. Grogan, Clifford S. Bersamira, Thomas D'Aunno, and Peter D. Friedmann Read more