Health Policy

Hearing Loss: Why does it matter for nursing homes?

EM McCreedy, BE Weinstein, J Chodosh, J Blustein Read more

Tackling hearing loss to improve the care of older adults

J Blustein, BE Weinstein, J Chodosh Read more

Perfluorooctanoic acid and low birth weight: Estimates of US attributable burden and economic costs from 2003 through 2014

J Malits, J Blustein, L Trasande, T Attina Read more

The Affordable Care Act Transformation of Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Amanda J. Abraham, Christina M. Andrews, Colleen M. Grogan, Thomas D’Aunno, Keith N. Humphreys, Harold A. Pollack, and Peter D. Friedmann Read more

Health Care Costs and Value

Thad Calabrese and Keith F. Safian Read more

Factors that distinguish high-performing accountable care organizations in the medicare shared savings program

T. D'Aunno, L. Broffman, M. Sparer, and S.R. Kumar Read more

Spillover effects of HIV testing policies: changes in HIV testing guidelines and HCV testing practices in drug treatment programs in the United States

Jemima A. Frimpong, Thomas D'Aunno, Stéphane Helleringer, and Lisa R. Metsch Read more

Sustaining multistakeholder alliances

Thomas D'Aunno, Larry Hearld, and Jeffrey A. Alexander Read more

The Role of Program Directors in Treatment Practices: The Case of Methadone Dose Patterns in U.S. Outpatient Opioid Agonist Treatment Programs

J. A. Frimpong, K. Shiu-Yee, and T. D'Aunno Read more

A behavioral blueprint for improving health care policy

G. Loewenstein, J. Schwartz, K. Ericson, J.B. Kessler, S. Bhargava, D. Hagmann, J. Blumenthal-Barby, T. D’Aunno, B. Handel, J. Kolstad, D. Nussbaum, V. Shaffer, J. Skinner, P.J. Ubel, and B.J. Zikmund-Fisher Read more

State targeted funding and technical assistance to increase access to medication treatment for opioid use disorders

A. Abraham, C.A. Andrews, C. Grogan, P.D. Friedmann, H.A. Pollack, T. D’Aunno & K. Humphreys Read more

Studies of physician-patient communication with older patients: How often is hearing loss considered? A systematic literature review

JM Cohen, J Blustein, BE Weinstein, H Dischinger, S Sherman, C Grudzen, J Chodosh Read more