Health Policy

Maternal and Infant Health Inequality: New Evidence from Linked Administrative Data

Kate Kennedy-Moulton, Sarah Miller, Petra Persson, Maya Rossin-Slater, Laura R. Wherry, and Gloria Aldana Read more

Medicaid Expansions Led to Reductions in Postpartum Hospitalizations

Maria Steenland and Laura R. Wherry Read more

ESG and Healthcare's Responsibility for Social Equity

Carla Sampson Read more

Workforce Diversity and disparities in wait time and retention among opioid treatment programs

Erick G. Guerrero, Yinfei Kong, Jemima A. Frimpong, Tenie Khachikian, Suojin Wang, Thomas D’Aunno, and Daniel L. Howard Read more

Factors associated with the adoption of evidence-based innovations by substance use disorder treatment organizations: A study of HIV testing

Lauren Brofman, Thomas D'Aunno, Ji E. Chang Read more

Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills (Chapter 20: Inclusive Leadership)

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What Difference Does a Diagnosis Make? Evidence from Marginal Patients

Mattan Alalouf, Sarah Miller, Laura R. Wherry Read more

The Relationship between School Infrastructure and School Nutrition Program Participation and Policies in New York City

Melissa Pflugh Prescott, Brian D. Elbel, Kathleen Woolf, Roland O. Ofori, Amy Ellen Schwartz Read more

ESG and Healthcare's Leading Role in Saving Our Planet

Carla Sampson Read more

Louisiana: A Dangerous Place for Black Women to Become Pregnant or Give Birth

Vanessa Lopez-Littleton, Carla Jackie Sampson Read more

Health Care Needs and Utilization Among New Yorkers with Criminal Justice System Involvement

Scarlet Wang, et al. Read more

Improving Longitudinal Outcome, Efficiency, and Equity in the Care of Patients with Congenital Heart Disease

Brett Anderson, et al. Read more